Have you ever felt that emptiness that make you cold inside?

Like there is a cold winter invading your soul and making you feel lost in the darkness where nobody can join you to help you?

Do you feel that you’re never enough?

You can touch that fear of losing yourself and feeling like you’re never enough is so damn powerful and control you more than what you think

I believe if you want to be happier you have to fight what you are afraid of and trust me, this will make you so much stronger that nobody won’t bring you down again

Sorry for my outburst but I had to write something and since I am not abe to help myself, at least I’d like to help you at least..

If you want to talk to someone I am here for you guys,

just remember: never, NEVER give up!

Nobody is more important than yourself

(Fonte: kicsifixed, via acrylic)

(Fonte: milkini, via amortizing)

(via lipsitck)